What you should know about the HeimVision A80S – The Best Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clocks of 2020

The HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock A80S is known as a very impressive and helpful device. Unluckily, its poor sound quality is counterproductive to its sound therapy abilities, and there are better clocks available at a same price point. Nevertheless, its smart home compatibility might potentially be a winning function for those with an existing ecosystem of accessed devices.

In addition, The HeimVision A80S gets the Smart Life app for remote control, which is helpful as the app can be employed as a hub to control a wide arrange of smart devices. Moreover, the clock can be accessed to Amazon Alexa or Google Home for an even more streamlined smart home experience.

About its audio quality, perhaps the biggest drawback of the HeimVision A80S is its audio quality, which is a real issue once a main selling point of the device is sound therapy. Although it’s not good by any means, it’s absolutely not capable of generating realistic soothing nature sounds. This also effects the experience of listening to the radio via the A80S, and is possibly why the capability to use it as a Bluetooth speaker is not present.

The HeimVision accesses to your home Wi-Fi network but does not involve Bluetooth connectivity. It runs seamlessly and fluidly, and you don’t have connectivity problems while using it. The only gripe with the lack of Bluetooth is that in order to manage it wirelessly you have to get a Wi-Fi network to access the clock to. This will be an issue if you want to get the clock in, say, a remote cabin, or if you easily don’t have a wireless router in your home.

The HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock A80S requires a little too much, which is given the limitations of its functions. It’s somewhat offset by its smart home incorporation, and if that’s an essential function for you then it may well be worth its $47 MSRP. Nevertheless, if you haven’t invested in a smart home network there are competing products that provide considerably better value for your money.

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