What you need to know about Canon PIXMA TR4520

Installation the Pixma TR4500 should be quite simple. You can then install the printer by using the Canon PRINT app. It should all be quite quick and simple, but you might run into an problem where the paper of multiple sizes jammed, which leads to error codes, during the installation process.

When the printer placed down and stopped eating the paper, the process is fairly painless. You can manage to get it all installation and connect to Wi-Fi using the Canon app on your phone, after which you are able to start printing.

The PIXMA TR4520 presents very well in terms of print quality, which produces outcomes that would be greatly acceptable in a more professional office environment if different limitations didn’t rule out that kind of use. The text is sharp and clear once printing black and white text documents, even when printing fairly small fonts. Mixed text and graphics also come out quite well, involving color graphics, essentially considering the reality that this is an entry-level all-in-one. Color reproduction is fairly washed out on normal paper. In spite of its low cost and reliance on a single color ink cartridge, the PIXMA TR4520 generates some surprisingly high-quality images prints. You can print a variety of images in 4×6-inch and 8×10-inch, and they are uniformly vibrant and colorful, with beautifully saturated colors and well-executed fine details. Not on the level of a great photo printer, but pretty nice for an all-in-one in this price range. The TR4520 is absolutely a cut above what you expect from a photo printer in this price range, though the price of ink is high enough.

While the PIXMA TR4520 sets out surprisingly high-quality prints, they bring out excruciatingly slow. It is importantly slower than other printers, most of which print upwards of 11ppm. Additionally, color pages come out even slower, with the PIXMA TR4520 printing fewer than five color pages per minute. The PIXMA TR4520 fares a bit better once printing color photos. That doesn’t correctly make it a speed demon, but it isn’t that out of line with other printers.

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