What you need to know about Ambient Weather WS-2902A Osprey

The base station’s screen is somewhat disappointing. Viewing angles are abysmal, and the versatility of what can be showed is restricted by the outdated technology used. You may be rarely able to see it clearly from across the room, and have to move closer and into the right area of view in order that you read the display. Under ideal viewing conditions, it is affordably clear and legible, but in general, this is a major flaw with the WS-2902A.

Luckily, the WS-2902A includes Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can find the station’s data remotely on a mobile device or home computer by using the Ambient Weather Network. By bypassing the poor quality display, you achieve connection to the similar quality experience available on much pricier Ambient Weather weather stations.

In addition, WS-2902A is quite accurate, though perhaps not quite as trusted as more expensive systems. Generally, it did a remarkably good task of reporting indoor and outdoor conditions, particularly for such a cheap system. Accommodating the sensors in the proper place is important to getting correct statistics from any weather station. This is right of both the outdoor sensor array and the indoor base station.

The WS-2902A can be accessed through Wi-Fi to your computer or mobile devices where your weather data can be shared and connected remotely with AmbientWeather, the brand’s own data-monitoring system. You can also make use of the free app and computer software to chart weather patterns on graphs or export weather data for analysis in other software.

In addition, you can access the WS-2902A to a smart hub (it’s comaptible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT) for alerts and updates. This range of paired services is where the most potential practical use can be had from a weather station. Services as the Ambient Weather Network can support you better predict the conditions at your place, which can enhance the efficiency of your watering schedule (for those with green thumbs), or just support you stay a little more prepared if you live in an area with tumultuous weather. In the case of Weather Underground, which is another paired service, owning an accessed weather station enables you to participate in crowdsourced weather reporting.

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