Turboant X7 – An e-scooter for beginners

With a affordable price and stylish appearance the Turboant X7 ($450) looks every bit as inviting as the hugely common Xiaomi M365, and with a portable battery and 350W of power, so it can control riders weighing up to 275lbs (124kg), and it’s a versatile choice for the larger boned commuter.

Depended around a folding aluminium alloy frame, the extra thick steering column hooks into the rear mud guard to create a control for (relatively) simple carrying, but at 13.5kg, if you plan on carrying it for more than a few minutes, your big bones will need to be coated in muscle. However, with 8.5” tubeless pneumatic tyres giving lots of cushioning against the tarmac it’s a really smooth ride, and being inflatable, you can customize the pressure to suit the road surfaces you use most. The battery is saved in the upright of the handlebars and is simple to remove and recharge if needed. Although you can also plug the scooter directly into the mains, the ability to take the battery inside and leave dirty scooters outside.

The extra power on offer means quoted speeds of 20mph and a 16mile range, which is pretty attractive, although that’s far or fast before the battery started to complain. In multiple head-to-head races the X7 was never the hare, but often the tortoise, which isn’t perfect at traffic lights, but might still get you there first. Plus, don’t hope the X7 to power up hills. Particularly if you hit the ascent at full power, you’ll get there in the end, but you may get passed by the odd power walking pedestrian. Three speed modes and cruise handle give ample choices, the bright screen is simple to read and the inclusion of a proper disc brake, as well as an emergency back foot brake give confidence once you ride than inexperienced users will appreciate. There’s no kinetic power recovery system and the battery indicator is quite vague, which provides basic bars rather than a percentage, or time remaining indicator, but given the low cost, solid create quality and quicker-than-most top speed.

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