Top SQL Database Management Tools in 2020

It permits users to create queries on various database servers without any deep knowledge of SQL syntax.

Top SQL Database Management Tools – DBVisualizer Free

DbVisualizer Free is known as a SQL management tool. It enables users to control a large range of databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, Informix, SQLite, and H3.

DbVisualizer Free offers key features, such as:

– Auto Completion help in the SQL editor

– Allows execution of multi-statement SQL scripts

– Export Database and Schema

– Permits to Import data from CSV files

– Go with inbuilt Query Builder

– Foreign Key Data Navigator

Top SQL Database Management Tools – HeidiSQL:

HeidiSQL is another trustable SQL management tool. It is built using the common Microsoft SQL databases, MySQL server, and PostgreSQL. It enables users to browse and edit data, construct and customize tables, views, triggers and scheduled events.

HeidiSQL offers important features, including:

– It’s a free version and open source tool

– permits to access to several servers in one window

– Build and classify tables, views, saved routines and scheduled events.

– Export from a server database into another server

– Supports to handle user privileges

– Browse and edit table data using a convenient grid

– Observe and kill client-processes

– Repair and adjust tables in a batch manner

Top SQL Database Management Tools – FlySpeed SQL Query

FlySpeed SQL Query is known as data handling tool for all database users and developers.

FlySpeed SQL Query provides main features, such as:

– Get accessed to different database servers natively or using ODBC

– Browse and classified data from tables and queries in the grid or using the customizable form view

– Instantly search, sort and filter data

– Analyse all the complex SQL queries by showing them visually

– Handle SQL queries via the professional editor with code completion and syntax highlighting

– Access your SQL query execution history and data browsing settings and stored between work sessions

Top SQL Database Management Tools – SQL Diagnostic Manager

SQL diagnostic manager is know as a performance monitoring tool grown by Idera. It provides diagnostics solution that supports users to evaluate health and performance within their SQL Server.

SQL Diagnostic Manager offers lots of feature, including:

– It provides simple installation and use

– Observe performance for physical and virtual environments

– It analysis the whole SQL Server environment. It also offers notifications when performance or availability problems are explored.

– Observe queries and query plans to view the reasons of blocks and deadlocks.

– Saves data in the centralized SQL diagnostic manager repository

– See summary of top problems and alerts with the web console add-on

– Offers a comprehensive view of current performance

– Observe application transactions with SQL Workload Analysis

Top SQL Database Management Tools – Free SQL Performance Monitoring Tool:

Free SQL Performance Monitoring tool is grown by ManageEngine. It permits users to keep an eye on SQL Server performance! This tool also supports users to observe MS SQL Servers for performance and availability. It can use with all the MS SQL versions such as MS SQL 2012 and 2014.

Free SQL Performance Monitoring Tool offers main features:

– Monitoring of MS SQL server performance in real time

– Get instant alerts when resources such as CPU, Memory, Disk, and SQL cache exceeds the threshold value

–  See per second details of Deadlocks, Lock waits and Latch wait time

– See instant details about the active database connections

Top SQL Database Management Tools – ApexSQL Monitor

ApexSQL Monitor is known as a web-based SQL management application. It offers help for monitoring several SQL Server instances.

ApexSQL Monitor provides key features, including:

– See system performance metrics

– Realize deadlocks and performance problems

– Employ comprehensive dashboard for viewing metrics

– Analyze query waits and review query execution schedules

– Count baselines and thresholds

Top SQL Database Management Tools – AppDynamics

The AppDynamics Database management product for Microsoft SQL Server is called as a comprehensive SQL tool. It is employed to observe versions 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014 of SQL Server.

AppDynamics offers important features, such as:

– Deep visibility into SQL Server performance

– It permits viewing SQL Server instance objects

– Finish record of Historical SQL Server instance performance

Top SQL Database Management Tools – Toad

Toad is also another SQL Server DBMS tool. It maximizes productivity which uses intuitive workflows, extensive automation, and built-in expertise. This SQL management tool solve problem, handle change and promote the highest levels of code quality.

Toad offers main features, including:

– Connect key data rapidly for in-place analysis and single-click export to an Excel instance

– It can simply realize differences by comparing and syncing servers, data, and schemas.

– Roll back transactions from the transaction log without need to restore from a backup

– Get strong query tuning capabilities

– Execute scripts and T-SQL snippets for multiple instances and servers

– Allow performance tuning with automated SQL scan and optimization

– Get free performance health tests benchmarked from the community

– Present application performance tuning with automated query rewrites and optimization

– Automate repetitive processes such as data and schema comparisons

Top SQL Database Management Tools – ZenPacks

Zenoss offers ZenPacks for handle Microsoft My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle Database, and PostgreSQL. Each ZenPack includes specific functions of each platform, with the available APIs to determine what should be observed.

ZenPacks offers key features including:

– Open source and free of price

– Observe performance metrics for database instances

– Tables and disk space

– Gather events and forward back to the Zenoss console

– Map service effect relationships between components

– Report on database activity with the support of Zenoss Console

Top SQL Database Management Tools – SQL Server Storage Manager

Lepide’s SQL Server storage manager is known as an open source utility to analyse the performance of SQL Servers. It offers complete visibility of storage space and performance.

SQL Server Storage Manager includes main feature:

– Eliminate the need to writing sophisticated stored procedures

– It provides simple graphical screens showing all elements of SQL servers

– Offers a centralized platform to construct consolidated reports of all SQL resources

– Offer real time alerts depended on easy to configure criteria

– Effectively observe, handle and plan disk space for various SQL servers

– Identify problems with table partitioning, defragmentation, and indexes

– Narrow network traffic time by partitioning indexes, databases, and heaps

– It offers extensive SQL reports

– Provides better visibility of databases, files and tables and more

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