Surface Laptop Go review part 2 – Design

Basically, everything will look mind blowing on this PC, and the display is one more zone where the Surface Laptop Go hits route over its weight class.


The Surface Laptop Go is one of the most charming little laptops we have ever used here at TechRadar. It’s inconceivably slender and light – measuring just 0.62 inches thick and 2.45lb, respectively. This is unquestionably a PC that is an absolute dream to heft around while you’re driving or going between classes – when that is a thing you can routinely do once more, in any event.

It’s also staggeringly solid at the cost. Despite the fact that the lower part of the PC is plastic, the console deck and display are an unbelievably solid aluminum, which results in an exceptional inclination gadget.

Indeed, even the display is staggeringly solid. This is the sort of assemble quality we expect out of laptops that cost twice to such an extent. No flimsy plastic PC chassis here, and the Surface Laptop Go is something you can pull off tossing in your sack without agonizing over it breaking.

There are also no compromises with regards to style. The Surface Laptop Go we got for survey has an appealing Ice Blue finish. It also comes in a Sandstone finish, alongside the classic Platinum shading choice that practically every other Surface gadget comes with.

The closest comparison we can consider here is the 12-inch MacBook that Apple has unceremoniously disregarded throughout the previous not many years. The manufacture quality and great looks are here, at a less expensive cost, for sure. Macintosh’s super-super compact gadget may have the Surface Laptop Go beat on thinness, however it’s much more restrictive on what you can really plug into it.

Instead of being stuck with one USB-C port like the Apple MacBook, the Surface Go is shaking Microsoft’s Surface Connect port for charging and expansion, one USB-C port, a USB-A port and a 3.5mm combo earphone/mic jack. That is still not a huge load of ports, but rather it’s much more than we would expect a PC like this to include, especially given the small size.

For a PC that is unavoidably going to be used for school a great deal, input also has to be on point, and, well, it unquestionably is. The Surface Laptop Go console is a standout amongst other we’ve used in any PC, even considerably more expensive ones, and the trackpad does an astounding position, and is even truly enormous, considering the impression of the PC.

Lamentably, the Surface Laptop Go console doesn’t have illuminated keys, which is certainly a shame for anybody that likes to work in faint lighting. We don’t believe it’s a major issue, however, especially at this cost. Plus, there’s a unique mark per user here, which does have backdrop illumination, which is unquestionably not something we would anticipate from most laptops in this value range.

The display is also a masterpiece. Sure, it’s a bit less than Full HD, coming in with a resolution of 1,536 x 1,024. That is a bit disappointing, but since we’re discussing a 12.4-inch display, we didn’t see it wasn’t Full HD until we took a gander at the specs sheet. It still looks fantastic. A ton of that comes down to the 102.6% sRGB inclusion and 300 nits of brightness that the 3:2 display manages to hit.

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