MSI GS65 Stealth (2018) REVIEW PART 2 – DESIGN

Nonetheless, with that additional room, MSI didn’t credit quite a bit of it to the minuscule and metallic speakers, which fire down from underneath its base. Just bring a headset and you’ll be fine – especially considering the measure of tuning MSI has done to improve that experience.


MSI has fortunately changed course regarding the look and feel of its flagship slight and-light gaming PC, focusing on a gadget with far more extensive allure. You won’t discover stark angles or red LEDs everywhere on this PC – rather, you’ll locate a sleek, all-dark gadget with subtle gold accents on its top, inside its double hinges and surrounding its touchpad.

Those gold accents are also discovered featuring the PC’s warmth vents, yet no place else on the brushed, dark aluminum outline. The result is one of the most understated gaming laptops we’ve seen to date – one that we would have no issue whipping out in a bistro considerably less at an eSports competition.

As for how the PC feels, the GS65 Stealth weighs just 4.14 pounds (1.88kg) and measures a measly 0.69 inches (17.53mm) dainty. The PC fits just fine in our knapsack and doesn’t overload us, which is impressive considering MSI tells us it might have gone significantly more slender and lighter however settled on an Ethernet port and the objective of eight hours of battery life.

All things considered, while MSI unmistakably put forth an attempt to improve the size of its charging block, its size negates a bit of that difficult work. Regardless, this is still one of the most compact gaming laptops around.

Being just slim enough has managed the cost of the PC space for a lot of ports, yet in addition a SteelSeries console with a lot of movement and strong input. Plus, the console is RGB illuminated with 16.7 million shading options and SteelSeries’ Game Sense, which changes the lighting conduct to sync with interactivity in supported games.

The glass-covered touchpad feels just fine, and doesn’t trigger movements when composing, disclosing to us it has strong palm dismissal.

Presently, another reason we suspect MSI went somewhat thicker with the GS65 Stealth’s edge and heavier with its weight was to account for its three-fan Cooler Boost Trinity warm system. More on that in a bit.

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