Maruti Suzuki decided to lend a helping hand to cyclone-hit Maharashtra & Gujarat

Maruti Suzuki is one of the main automobile manufacturers in India. The mainstream vehicle producer has approached to help its customers who have been influenced by the Nisarga Cyclone.

While India was busy facing the conflict against the progressing COVID-19 pandemic, the coastal areas of the State of Maharashtra and Gujarat were as of late hit by the Nisarga Cyclone. The normal cataclysm caused harm to both the influenced areas, notwithstanding, fortunately, the severity wasn’t as high as it was envisioned.

Vehicle owners in the typhoon hit Maharashtra and Gujarat must be worried about their vehicles. To loan some assistance, Maruti Suzuki has contacted its customers in the influenced States with prudent steps to forestall vehicle harm. The automobile goliath has sent in excess of 6 lakh SMS-es to advise its customers about the preventive measures they can follow to shield their Maruti Suzuki cars from disturbed harm.

Maruti Suzuki has made top notch of actions that it is actualizing to support its customers. The list includes:

Proactive measures at workshops are being taken to forestall damages to cars.

Maruti On-Road Service (MOS) teams are prepared to offer Quick Help.

Area-wise service managers have been assigned to help customers in distress.

Contact details of service managers are being shared with the customers in their respective areas so that they can legitimately connect for any assistance.

Maruti Suzuki has also tied up with vehicle towing agencies to offer seamless 24×7 types of assistance.

Inventory of spare parts have been strengthened to forestall any shortage and, thus, offer snappy service.

Additional vehicle fix labor has been recognized and kept on standby to be sent to the influenced workshops from close by workshops of different dealerships.

Additionally, the organization has tied up with insurance firms for brisk disposal of claims.

Loaner cars/tie-up with taxi services are being offered to give mobility support during repairs.

Elsewhere in the world, Maruti Suzuki has declared that it has sold in excess of 1,000,000 CNG vehicles now. The organization is probably going to launch the S-Presso CNG not long from now and extend its CNG portfolio.

In a nutshell, for sales improvement, Maruti Suzuti decided to lend hands to help cyclone-hit Maharashtra & Gujarat.

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